Electronic screwdrivers

A screwing station (or unscrewing station) is a production tool for closing and/or opening vials fitted with a screw neck.

Used in laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and more widely in the cosmetics and perfume industries (fragrances, scents, creams etc.), our screwing stations can seal your vials in a reproducible manner.

Our SCREWTRONIC screwing stations are subject to a European patent.

They are based on the electrical screwing technique and use a crimping head.

They are compact and can be used on a laboratory bench with a powder-coated casing, and in a sterile environment, clean room or laminar flow isolator thanks to a 316L stainless steel casing.

They can be disinfected with liquid or gaseous ethylene peroxide. The heads can be replaced without the use of tools.

Various options and accessories are available to expand our broad range of screwing stations to address your specific needs.

In addition to providing our screwing stations, we also offer the possibility of measuring the torque, taking control remotely, documenting and monitoring production, certifying and documenting your installation, and addressing all your requirements with the help of our design office and our many years’ experience in this field.

Electric screw station : SC-6000S

Electric screwing station :SC-6000S PDF – Datasheet BENEFITS CHARACTERISTICS BENEFITS Our screwing station combines technology, performanceand reproducibility allowing you to control andmonitor all your screw-top

Electric screw and unscrew station : SC-4000

Electric screw and unscrew station SC-4000 Electric screw and unscrew station.  Close your screw-cap vials effortlessly, with controlled, reproducible torque. Fast, easy head changing. Displacement