Electric crimping
and decapping station

Electric crimping and decapping station for laboratory vials.

Suitable for small runs of samples.

Versatile and economic with a wide range of heads.

Fast, easy head changing.

The smallest model in the range !

PDF – Datasheet

PDF – Good crimping

Versatile and portable.

Sturdy and reliable.

Ergonomic and easy-to-use.

Safety crimping and decapping head.

The operator is not subjected to the weight and imprecision of conventional instruments used at arm’s length.

Secure, effortless, reproducible crimping just by pressing the “start cycle” button.

Progressively-adjustable power according to the type of cap and hardness of the seals.

Ideally suited for crimping and decapping all types of caps.

IQ/OQ qualification possible.

Can be custom adapted.

Developed and designed in France.

Height : 49,4 cm

Width : 16 cm

Depth : 19,7 cm

Weight : 10 Kg

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Made in France
Requires only a simple supply
Height of the station
400 cadence machine picto
Average rate per hour
10KG picto
Weight of the station
Allows crimping and decapping
picto prise elec EN
10 years repairable
Liable to qualify IQ/OQ
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