Electric crimping &
decapping station

Automatic 3-axis robotic electric vial crimping station

Fully programmable

Fast head changing

Extra-fast vial crimping directly in the interchangeable vial-trays

PDF – Datasheet

Extra-fast, secure, reproducible crimping directly in the vial-trays

Sturdy and reliable

Ergonomic, easy-to-use 3-axis station

Colour touch screen for:

– viewing model of vial selected 

– viewing presets

– setting up modular or complete crimping sequences

– counter/total counter                          

LED-illuminated work area, protected using infrared barriers

Suitable for all models of closures on the market

Recommended for intensive sample preparation

Progressively-adjustable power according to the type of cap and hardness of the seals

Fast, easy head changing without tools

Does not require the use of compressed air or battery charging

Colour touch screen including a counter / total counter

Built-in power supply



Height: 56 cm

Width : 42,5 cm

Depth : 49 cm

Weight : 37 kg

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Made in France
Requires only a simple supply
Height of the station
900 cadence machine picto
Average rate per hour
Weight of the station
Allows crimping and decapping
picto prise elec EN
10 years repairable
Liable to qualify IQ/OQ
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