Customized realization example

ACTION EUROPE designs and manufactures, at the customer’s request, packaging, sampling and sample preparation equipment.
Our design office can realize the design, the modeling, the realization of plans, the development and the manufacturing of your customized projects.
The design office carries out the complete study on the basis of specifications provided by the client.

Automatic electric crimping station in stainless steel that can be integrated into a pharmaceutical production isolator with remote external controls.
The crimping station is intended for use in production with different types of bottles and closures with automatic pre-adjustment of the height and crimping force.

Antibiotic agar slicer for :

• cut circles evenly into agar in petri dishes

• linear displacement of the cutting punches

• controlled suction of the agar using a vacuum pump

Crimping station CR-5000S modified :

• tailor-made case for bottle / bottle of large diameter
• Reverse rotation direction to adapt to the production line

Screwing station for robotic system with gantry system allowing :

• opening a bottle by grasping a robotic clamp

• extraction of the cap by axial rotation

• filling of the bottle by the gantry system

• screw closure with controlled force of the cap

• synchronized communication with the gantry system