Special crimping station for steril "Nest" in pharmaceutical packaging CR-7000

• You get a robot custom-made for your biosafety cabinet or work zone, installed flush with the work surface
• Compact and high performance
• Low particle emission
• Crimping head with special coating use in pharmaceutical industry and in cleanrooms
• Universal vibrating bowl, removable and compact
• For all sizes of vials packaged in nested trays
• Protected by laser detector
• Controlled by external touch screen
• Powered by mains electricity

This new aseptic crimping robot has been developed and designed to meet pharmaceutical standards for the sterile packaging of powders and liquids.
With our technical know-how and experience, we have been able to create the most compact and functional crimping robot on the market.
It is designed to fill all types and formats of “nested trays” available on the market on an indexed X-Y table and to directly crimp the different vial formats in a repeatable and controlled manner with our patented universal crimping principle.
A compact universal vibrating bowl feeds the robot with caps via a chute: Depending on the cap types used, it is possible for a single bowl to handle several types of caps (for example, 13 mm flip-off and 20 mm flip-off caps in the same bowl).
Via the touch screen, the operator can select a pre-defined recipe and initiate automatic force-fed crimping. Installing the nested trays is very straightforward as the operator has direct access to the front of the robot. The work surface is guarded by a laser detector which nevertheless allows the operator access to the vibrating bowl to load the caps.

PDF – Datasheet

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Made in France
Average rate per hour
Crimping of vials in nested arrays (trays)
Custom dimensions
Control via touch screen
Allows crimping and decapping
Requires by a simple supply
Universal vibrating bowl
picto prise elec EN
10 years repairable
Maximum protection by laser scanner
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