Electric screw and unscrew station

Electric screw and unscrew station. 

Close your screw-cap vials effortlessly, with controlled, reproducible torque.

Fast, easy head changing.

Displacement of the crimping head by linear guidance.

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Easy, effortless use

Capping 450 vials an hour

Ideal for the field of chromatography and the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

System can be adapted for special applications

Specially developed for screwing on plastic caps with or without tamper-proof ring used in the field of laboratories and pharmacy

Displacement of the crimping head by linear guidance

Electric motor/gearbox with controlled screwing parameters

Different sizes of heads available depending on the model of screw-caps used

Gradual adjustment of screwing force and height

Universal design meets all requirements for screwing vials

Illuminated working area with infrared sensors for safety

Plugs into the mains socket on your lab bench

Built-in power supply

Height : 60 cm ;

Width : 22 cm ;

Depth : 28 cm

Weight : 19 kg

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