Electronic crimpers

A crimper is a production tool for closing vials for pharmaceutical or analytical use.

Crimpers are used in the pharmaceutical industry to seal samples, clinical batches, sterile batches, vaccines, injectable solutions, serums, blood plasma and freeze-dried products in a reproducible manner.


They can also be used in control laboratories to seal samples when performing assays by gas or liquid chromatography.


Lastly, they are used in the cosmetics and perfume industries to seal scents and fragrances and to crimp FEA pumps.


CRIMPTRONIC electronic crimpers are subject to a European patent. They are based on the electrical crimping technique and use a crimping head fitted with jaws or a crimp roller (the rolling technique).


They are compact and can be used in a laminar flow isolator in sterile clean rooms. They can be disinfected with liquid or gaseous ethylene peroxide.


The heads can be replaced without the use of tools. Options are available to expand our broad range of electronic crimpers to address your specific needs. In addition to providing our vibrating-drum crimpers, we also offer you the possibility of measuring the crimping force, taking control remotely, crimping/decrimping all types of vials, documenting and monitoring production, certifying and documenting your installation, and addressing all your requirements with the help of our design office and our many years’ experience in this field.