Crimping Control VACTRONIC

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Device for detecting leaks by pressure decay in a vacuum chamber for checking sealing of crimped vials

The Vactronic system also allows various types of packs such as sealed products, sachets, blisters, vacuum packs, etc. to be checked.

This non-destructive test for vials can advantageously replace the sealing test using methylene blue (ISO 8871-5), allowing its off-putting drawbacks to be avoided (destroys the sample, subject to human interpretation, tiresome, very long test duration)

PDF – Datasheet

Leak detection using pressure decay in a sealed component (in a vacuum chamber).

Pressure range: Electronically-controlled, maximum −650 mbar.

Measurement units:

Pascals (Pa), Pascals per second (Pa/s), cubic centimetres per minute

32 programmes available.

Reduced internal volume.

Compact housing, plugs into 230 V mains socket.

Height : 40,5 cm ;

Width : 56,5 cm ;

Depth : 38,5 cm

Weight : 40 kg

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